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New ARB Touring Awning Accessories



After 12 months of prototyping and testing, a range of accessories for the ARB Touring awnings has been developed to further enhance their functionality.

Manufactured from the same quality materials as the ARB Roof Top Tents and Touring Awnings, each accessory has been developed with durability and ease of use in mind.

Designed to suit 2500 and 2000 model awnings, a fully enclosed room with a solid floor and a three wall set can be used to turn an awning into a fully or partially enclosed area to provide additional weather protection or privacy. Manufactured from lightweight PU coated 300D oxford polyester as used on the ARB roof top tent fly, the room and three wall set hang below the awning without adding excessive weight that could damage the awning structure.

For 2500, 2000 & 1250 model awnings, front and side windbreak panels made of the same durable 300 gsm PU coated poly cotton canvas as the awning provide protection from wind, sun and rain. Side wind breaks suit all model awnings whilst specific front windbreaks are available for the three different width awnings.

Each accessory has been designed for use on vehicles where awnings are mounted between 75 & 83 inches from the ground.



Designed to function as a fully enclosed room, the awning room includes a durable floor, two large mesh windows with roll up blinds and a zippered door with solid and mesh panels. The awning room is fully enclosed as it has an integrated roof that hangs just below the main awning canvas.

The rear wall features a central door that can be used to access the vehicle rear door or canopy (depending on awning mounting position) along with additional ventilation panels and access points for 12v/120v power leads.

The room attaches to the underside of the awning in the same method as the mosquito net room, being clipped to the awning arms and legs and attached to the awning front and rear beam by rope/sail tracks.

The side walls of the room have a slight taper towards the outer awning beam to help encourage water run
off however in heavy rain, the roof angle should be increased to ensure no water pooling occurs on the awning roof, otherwise damage to the awning can occur.

Hardened steel pegs are supplied to firmly anchor the room to the ground via adjustable tension straps.



The three wall set is comprised of three individual walls that wrap around the outside of the awning legs. Joined together by a zip, each wall can be used individually, as a pair or set.

The end and L/H side wall each feature a window comprised of half mesh and half clear pvc. The window blind can be rolled up halfway to expose the clear pvc for use in inclement weather, or fully to expose the mesh for additional ventilation. The window blind also incorporates eyelets so that it can be pegged out at an angle for shade or rain protection. The R/H wall features a zippered door section that can be rolled up for easy access.

At the bottom of each wall is a mud/storm flap with adjustable tension straps and eyelets to secure the walls to the ground. The three wall set is supplied with hardened steel pegs.



Awnings are great for providing protection from the
sun and rain, however not from wind. But the addition
of front and side windbreaks not only provides wind protection but helps secure the awning with an additional 4 tie down points per windbreak.

Designed to angle out from the awning, windbreaks also offer additional protection from the rain and with
a UVP50+ rating, give extra shade and sun protection. They are also great for creating extra space for items like swags beneath the awning.



Mosquito net rooms have been available for touring awnings for many years however the current model has seen many upgrades including the addition of the mud/ storm flap to reduce grass seeds etc from collecting in the lower sections of the mesh. The overall size has been increased slightly to allow easier fitment and all seams have been double stitched to provide additional strength.

Manufactured from 48 gsm ‘no see um’ midge proof mesh, the net room is available for 2500 and 2000 model awnings.



With a unique head design, the ARB Supergrip Sand Peg offers more grip in surfaces such as sand, soft soils and snow than traditional tent pegs.

Bright orange color reduces tripping hazard and makes pegs easy to find. Packed as a set of four.

Suitable for use with ARB Touring Awnings, ARB Track Shelters, Skydome Swags, ARB Guy Ropes, Tarpaulins, Tents & Canopies.



The perfect companion for ARB Awnings, Track Shelters and Skydome swags & Super Grip Sand Pegs, ARB Guy Ropes incorporate a spring loaded tensioning system that absorbs shock to the peg in windy conditions, helping to keep the guy rope taut and the peg firmly planted in the ground.

Bright orange anodized aluminium runner. 6mm x 3m reflective rope reduces tripping hazard and helps make ropes visible at night. Packed as a set of two.


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$75 ARB Air Locker Mail-In Rebate!


ARB 4×4 Accessories is proud to be launching a $75 mail-in rebate program on the purchase of ANY ARB Air Locker between March 24th and April 30th, 2014.


  • Every ARB Air Locker model purchased between March 24th and April 30th, 2014 is eligible.
  • Valid for U.S. & Canadian residents only.
  • After purchase, customers will be able to download the mail-in rebate from the ARB USA website homepage (
  • The form asks you a few simple questions about the Air Locker purchased and your vehicle. After filling in this information, you will need to mail it to the address listed on the form along with proof of purchase.
  • The rebate will be sent to you directly (please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery).
  • If you have additional questions, feel free to call us and speak with our sales staff (888-427-2872).

Click Here to Download the Rebate Form

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New ARB Product Release: ARB Differential Covers for Ford 8.8″, Chrysler 8.25″ & GM 10-Bolt


Since being released in late 2006, the red ARB differential covers can be found on trail and competition vehicles in just about every part of the world. ARB is happy to announce that the ARB differential covers are now available for 3 more axle models, the Ford 8.8”, Chrysler 8.25” and GM 10-Bolt. Each of these applications will be available in red or black powder coating.

ARB 0750006


ARB’s Differential Cover will protect your differential against the hazards of impact during competition or extreme off road use and are designed to counteract flexing of the axle assembly

When off road, it is inevitable that obstacles will be encountered that could potentially inflict expensive damage on your differential. To prevent this, ARB’s Differential Cover is available for a range of vehicle models, and has been specifically engineered to protect the differential and ring & pinion set from any off road hazards.

ARB 0750006B


  • High tensile nodular iron structure protects the differential and ring & pinion set from off road obstacles.
  • Computer optimized cross brace design increases the structural rigidity of the whole axle
  • Approach/departure angle optimized by angled exterior surface.
  • Prolonged carrier bearing life due to extra support to the bearing alignment.
  • Top quality, high power neodymium magnets are used in both the drain plug and the dipstick to collect any metallic particles in the oil. This makes the dipstick an easy location to be checked for tell-tale signs of internal damage or water contamination without the need to drain the oil.
  • Unique dipstick/filler cap design allows differential oil level to be adjusted for custom high driveline angles.
  • Cover is powder coated, CNC machined, then clear coated for a durable, professional, long lasting finish.
  • Tensile cap screws (supplied) are recessed for protection against obstacles which might damage them.
  • Adds additional housing strength, greatly increasing ring & pinion life and overall maximum load strength.


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New Product: ARB Kakadu Roof Top Tent

ARBKakadu_ARB4101A copy


The new Kakadu model tent is a new addition to the successful range of ARB Touring products. It shares many features and components with the Simpson model but has been designed for simpler set up and warmer climates where maximum ventilation is required.

While it shares many of the frame components with the Simpson III, the Kakadu does not include the extendable veranda section. This makes the Kakadu ideal for fitment to the rear of utility/pick-up vehicles and trailers where the floor level can be mounted lower to the ground with no access issues to the tent.

For increased ventilation, the Kakadu features larger side window openings without the canvas awning over the window exterior. This allows for greater air flow through the tent but also increased view and natural light. Internal canvas shutters are still fitted to seal the windows during inclement weather. To provide rain cover to the window, the fly sheet has been extended and provides more protection to the entire tent.

Also new to the Kakadu is a lighter high density, single layer extruded foam mattress. This reduces the overall weight of the tent and allows for easier folding of the tent during pack up.


Utilizing the same materials as the Simpson model, the Kakadu also has an ABS laminated aluminum ladder framed base for superior floor strength & polystyrene in fill panel insulation which helps to reduce under mattress condensation.

Roof support bows are manufactured from 25mm OD anodized aluminum tube which gives the entire tent structure greater stability in adverse weather conditions.

4mm plated steel hinges along with extruded aluminum tongue & groove base edges ‘lock’ the bases together when erected to ensure minimal flex and superior strength.


As with all canvas products in the Series 3 range, the Kakadu features 300 gsm Poly/cotton Rip Stop canvas with PU (polyurethane) coating for superior water resistance. The PU coating also helps prevent condensation from permeating through the canvas and is easily wiped dry and clean, reducing the likelihood of mildew and staining. This material also meets current fire retardant standards.

Offroad Images Studio Photography

All seams are sealed with welded seam tape to prevent water ingress through thread stitching holes. This also negates the need to season (wet down and dry repeatedly) before initial use like most canvas products.

Doors and windows are fitted with quality insect screen mesh that can be rolled open when not required.


The fly sheet is manufactured from 300D Oxford weave polyester. This coupled with a PU coating means the fly sheet is virtually impervious to water making the Kakadu exceptionally dry in wet conditions.

Offroad Images Studio Photography

The fly sheet uses 8 spring steel bows to keep it taught and reduce flapping in windy conditions.


The Kakadu features an extruded high density single layer mattress to reduce the overall tent weight and to assist with folding the tent during pack up. The removable mattress cover is manufactured from 300D oxford weave polyester for easy cleaning and prevents moisture from penetrating the mattress foam.


By having two mattress types in the Series 3 range, customers can now purchase the denser chip foam mattress supplied in the Simpson model if a firmer mattress is preferred.


The cover on the Kakadu is the same upgraded model seen on the Simpson tents. Utilizing the heavy duty #10 YKK Vislon type zipper and three tie down straps, the cover resists billowing and is less prone to wear and tear.

Offroad Images Studio Photography

Manufactured from UV stabilized 900gsm laminated PVC, all seams are externaly welded for strength and to seal against water ingress.


The ladder is also the same as the Simpson model and has a durable anodized finish. Ladder extensions are available if the tent is fitted to taller vehicles. If the tent is fitted to a utility/pick up or trailer, one main ladder section can be removed if required and the optional short extension can be added to adjust to the perfect length.

Offroad Images Studio Photography


Shipping weight (In Carton):
Tent – 142 pounds
Ladder – 13 pounds

Assembled weight (including ladder and mounting rails): 130 pounds

Dimensions (approx):
Erected – 55” W x 94.5” L x 51” H
Packed – 55” W x 47.25” L x 8” H


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2014 King of the Hammers Announcement

With the 2014 King of the Hammers race week fast approaching, ARB USA is excited to announce an even greater level of support for the world’s most challenging off-road racing event.

First, we are pleased to announce that ARB will be supporting three of the top drivers in the race, all former Kings, and all three will be running ARB’s new RD99CE Ford 9″ Competition Edition Air Locker.


This year’s ARB USA sponsored drivers are:

  • Shannon Campbell, 2008 and 2011 King of the Hammers winner
  • Jason Scherer, 2009 King of the Hammers winner
  • Erik Miller, 2012 King of the Hammers winner

Not Shannon, Jason or Erik? No worries, we will be offering full technical support during the entire week to all racers running ARB products. Look for the ARB race trailer on Warn Way between PAC Springs and Advance Adapters near the “Big Tent”. Make sure you stop by for free decals featuring the new ARB Air Locker logo.

And now for the really exciting stuff… For the first time ever, ARB 4×4 Accessories will be offering a King of the Hammers contingency payout. The King of the Hammers winner will receive $3,000 and the Every Man Challenge modified & stock class winner will receive $500. If you have any questions regarding the 2014 King of the Hammers contingency, please email us at

To qualify, you must be running at least one, ARB Air locker, and two ARB 4×4 Accessories logos (no smaller than 7″ in width) plus the new ARB Air Locker logo. We will a have a large supply of ARB and Air Locker decals on hand at our trailer.  While you are there, make sure to sign our special Air Locker banner.

Race winners responsible for contacting ARB at

We look forward to another exciting race this year and hope you’ll stop by to visit us in Hammertown.


ARB USA Race Support

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New Product: Competition Edition Ford 9″ Air Locker



Engineered and manufactured in Australia, the RD99CE competition Air Locker has been designed around the requirements of top-flight Ultra4 racing. Each technical advancement addresses a specific concern from teams competing in the world’s toughest 4×4 events and is a direct result of testing within these same races.


Among the many new design features is an integrated ring gear locking system engineered to prevent the backing out of Ford 9″ ‘Trac-Loc’ bolts. Fully reusable and able to resist the high torque loads applied to bolt removal, the locking tabs are designed for disassembly and reassembly for fast pit work on ring gear swaps compared to all other bolt locking systems.

Key to the design is the ability to oppose the adverse effects of axle shaft eccentricity caused by typical steering joints, thereby overcoming a common problem with front applications where the differential is offset too far toward one wheel.

20130204_KOH_011-Edit-Edit 20130204_KOH_120

Engineered with improved internal lubrication, the RD99CE ARB Air Locker also caters for the use of load bolts (sometimes known as pegging).

Achieving new levels of load, wear and impact resistance, the RD99CE case is 290% stronger overall compared to standard lockers. Designed with deeper locking engagement, the RD99CE ensures locking functionality is retained even after sustaining significant clutch gear tooth damage from locking under throttle.

Available now, the RD99CE sets a new standard in lockers that will simply outperform the competition.


  • 290% increased case strength
  • Deeper clutch gear engagement
  • Built to handle misalignment in steeply offset axle housings
  • Improved internal oiling
  • Ring gear bolt locking mechanism
  • Designed to integrate with load-bolt equipped drop-outs
  • Pre-loaded internal gears
  • Forged gear set
  • Manufactured and assembled in Australia
  • 5 Year Warranty
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How an ARB Winch Bumper is Made

Ever wonder how much work and detail it takes to produce ARB winch compatible protection bumpers (aka bull bars)? Follow along with us as we show you the entire manufacturing process of a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Deluxe Winch bumper.

From a flat sheet of steel to the installation on a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series. Join us through every stage of manufacturing in our state of the art factory in Melbourne. We give you a unique look at the effort and attention to detail required to build the world’s best 4×4 protection equipment. Shot entirely on GoPro, this video provides the ultimate in behind the scenes action.

More Information on ARB Winch Bumpers:

ARB Winch Bumper Application Guides:

Find an Authorized ARB Dealer:

“Like” ARB on Facebook:

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2013 Ultra4 American Rock Sports Challenge Race Report

Brought to you by ARB ( 2013 Ultra4 American Rock Sports Challenge race report recapping the 2nd place finish for the #5AZ car – Driven by ARB Sponsored driver Shannon Campbell of Campbell Enterprises.

ARB – FB –
Filmed and edited by HeavyMetal Concepts –

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2013 Glen Helen Ultra4 Video Race Report

From here on out, ARB will be working with HeavyMetal Concepts to create ARB sponsored driver race reports from select events. Here is the first one from the past Glen Helen Ultra4 race. Enjoy!

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